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Challah Baking Workshops are so much a part of our Shlichus!

It’s those moments with our hands kneading dough, that the best conversations happen!

Here are a few ideas for your next Challah Baking class….mine is tomorrow morning at 9:30am so I will keep this post short!!)

To add a cute touch, I used cake platters for a centerpiece, one on top of the other…but even one tall cake platter would do! (If using one platter, center the ‘flour bags’ with the flours, sugar etc.)

The top platter held 3 ‘flour sacks’ of Rice (dont tell anyone:)…this helped them stand up well.

To make the ‘flour sacks’ I bought jute/muslin/burlap bags of various texture from…you can find similar ones in Michaels too.

I used alphabet stamps dipped in black fabric ink (found at Michaels) and stamped the large bag “Chana’s Challah” and the smaller ones “Soul Food”….but you can stamp anything you’d like!

The lower cake platter I decorated with scoops of flour, whole wheat flour, sugar, raw sugar, brown sugar and wheat bran.

I love these neutral colors and they really came together in a soft gradient way.

Next, I made name tags by cutting out shapes of challah (freehand) out of felt (from Michaels or a craft store).

Then I used a glue stick, sliding it across the middle of ‘challah’, then sprinkling the poppy seeds and sesame seeds (yes real ones:) on top! They were so cute my kids wanted them!!

I stuck the ‘challahs’ on to labels and printed the names of those registered for the class (leaving a few blank for very, very late sign ups!)

A regular Challah Baking class with a touch of sweet simple things that add a creative touch.

Every guest receives a Challah baking brochure…feel free to copy and adjust for your needs…(pdf attached above.) Please note that the types of braiding I used in my brochure were just a sample for the guests and in the class we covered many ways to braid.

I always serve cupcakes and cookies, tea and coffee so we can enjoy something sweet while the challah bakes!

Happy Challah Baking!

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  1. The centerpiece is so earthy and elegant. Thanks for sharing all your magical ideas that can enhance any event.

  2. I don’t even know where to start.

    Your posts are incredible

    How do you even have the time for all these amazing things- you must be a superwoman!

    Kol hakovod

  3. Hi Chana Great ideas!!keep them coming:) & a big good luck on your class tomorrow-I’m sure they’ll all love it. Love Nechamah Dina

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  4. chana, the handout is wonderful, really look forward to using it at my next event & can’t wait to try the challah recipe too.

  5. How do I use your creativity and bring it to our Chabad house!! So much to choose from. Love the Challah handout. Is it possible for it to be edited?

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