Yud Shvat – Packages for Our Kinderlach

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Yud Shvat Rebbe Pictures

Here is a simple idea for our children to wake up to on Yud Shvat.

Just making the special day extra meaningful for our children.

Use any paper packet, any small size and print photos of the Rebbe (here are ones from Yud Shvat) and either using a glue stick or similar adhesive, stick the pictures on to the packets.

I chose a nicer white glassine packet so it will last longer and can be used again, in their wallets for Shliach Mitzvah gelt when traveling (for example).

(for smaller children, you can have them keep their Rebbe picture Packets in an album so that they don’t get ruined, discarded…or print apicture of 770 for the little ones instead.)

Then I filled each one with extra Tzedakah for the day!

You can also use these packets for a special nosh instead or packaged nosh in addition to the Tzedakah coins.

My children have been eyeing these for a couple of days already and it just adds simple excitement for meaningful days.

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  1. beautiful idea! thanks for much for sharing!! where did you get these packets from? did you print your own pictures? just trying to figure out where i met get some in a timely manner ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I am really enjoying your blog (so impressive) we r having a yud shvat farbreingan for the Lubavitcher families and am excited to have the parents make the 770 votives.

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