Finger Print Tu B’Shavt Trees!

How cute are the little pudgy fingers of kids!

A simple Tu B’Shavt Picture….to be framed, used as a card or laminated as a Tu’B’Shavt Placemat…or how about making these on rectangle peieces of card stock for bookmarks.

Simply punch a hole at the top and add nice ribbon (you can find specialty ribbon in boutique stores or online that has leaves on it, flowers, even trees…)

I chose an image of a tree from google images (search black and white images of trees) and printed it on white paper, centering it in the middle and expanding the image as I needed.

I used3 colors of washable non-toxic ink pads. I like using variations of the same color although feel free to experiment with Red, Orange and Yellow (etc.) ink for a fall, winter look!

Add a paragraph or line that says something about Tu’B’Shavt or a pre-printed label that says “Tu’B’Shavt in hebrew and english.

For a center in a preschool, this is easy and I’m sure for a larger group you could use paint just as easily if you don’t have enough stamp pads.

Here is the “tree” that I used:

Tu B’Shavt tree to stamp in pdf

My 2 year old did this so easily! She didn’t even need direction and just stamped away!! It’s a project that will come out beautiful and oh so cute!! …with a memory of tiny little finger prints…(that aren’t on the walls!)


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