Tu B’Shvat Pencils!




A fun alternative to using boring pencils!!

Here is a pencil for Tu’B’Shvat, kids will love these….as I am enjoying mine!!

An Easy craft for kids with variations depending on age.

You will need:

  • Pencils
  • Brown Floral tape (sold in Michaels or craft or floral store) or a brown washi tape
  • Green Tissue paper (feel free to use orange and red tissue paper too for a more winter look)
  • Brown pipe cleaners
  • Glue gun or Tacky glue or very strong adhesive glue dots for adding mini acorns, mini leaves, even real ones if you’d like. (You can also preserve real leaves by painting them with modge podge. You can do this is you are trying to lengthen the project.
  • Green felt if you wish to add another texture for leaves….just cut a slit in middle of leaf and push on to pip cleaner branch.

To begin, wrap your pencil tightly with floral tape.

Then cut your pipe cleaners as you wish (I cut mine in half) and position them around your ‘tree trunk’ pencil. While holding them in place add another long strip of floral tape and wrap it around the pipe cleaners until you reach the top. Press to seal well. (Make sure you pull the floral tape as you go around).

Bend the ‘branches’ as you wish and tear tissue paper and thread onto the pipe cleaners.

Add any cute touches like acorns, real leaves etc. even some pale pink blossoms!

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  1. Chana, I love this idea! I think it will work for older boys in my HS. so hard to find projects that they appreciate

  2. I like this idea too. Thought I can make with my boys and hang candy from it like in the times if moshiach מעדנים מצויין כעפר

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