Tu B’Shvat Necklace


Shrinky Dinks bring me back to those oh so carefree days of having nothing to do but climb on to my bed and read, sipping cool lemonade and enjoying the endless opportunities the day would bring!

Not too much has changed:) as we Baruch Hashem, grab our cup of coffee (or Chai Latte!) and try to open our hearts and eyes to the opportunities our day will bring!

So, Shrinky Dinks is my little link to my childhood and I still sit mesmerized in front of the glass oven door watching in awe as that larger piece of plastic miraculously transforms into a tiny keepsake, only this time I share my excitement with little ones with wide eyes and giggles!

So, I thought that this would be an easy project for Tu B’Shvat and one that the kids (and parents) would be able to keep forever!

Here, my 4 year old drew a picture of a tree for Tu B’Shvat with a permanent marker on a square of shrinky paper. Then I used a corner paper cutter to trim corners and a hole punch to make a hole. (I used a  bigger size circle punch than a regular hole punch but try cutting a few holes next to each other to create a bigger opening if you don’t have a large hole punch).

Then I baked it at 325 degrees on a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper for 3 minutes. (It could bake anywhere from 1 – 5 minutes).

Choose a beautiful ribbon and thread it through to create a Tu B’Shvat necklace!!!

Have fun with colors too! You can even add shades of green using pencil crayons and the kids could add color to their necklace!

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