Mishloach Manos Idea! (For our Kinderlach & a Craft)


Here is a cute way to package Mishloach Manos for our children!

I decided to make something that would last and could be used for other things once Purim is over. It is something that could easily add decor to their desks or on a shelf, giving them good memories of their Purim on shlichus!

Being that our community doesn’t yet know about giving our kids Mishlaoch Manos, my husband and I order special nosh (from Munchies in LA) and package it really cute with a personal note to each child thanking them for their hard work and efforts in making our Purim a success!

I decided to do something simple yet personal. By taking a photo of your child from a previous Purim and printing it (I printed mine straight from our home printer on paper), I had automatically made something that each child would cherish.

I bought wooden craft tote boxes from www.saveoncrafts.com (my FAVORITE craft website as of now!) and painted only the front with my go-to chalkboard paint!

This will now allow me to write a cute message and allow each child to personalize their own Mishloach Manos box as they wish.

(Please note the candy in the photo is way tooooo sticky for my liking and will be replaced with ‘healthier’ nosh for Purim!…although my kids are eyeing this sample and convinced me it will go stale if it remains unwrapped….and maybe we should do something about it!!)

Other ideas would be to modge podge a variety of Purim kid photos mixed with bright tissue paper all over the box….or use for Hebrew School as a Mishloach Manos Basket craft (a sample will soon be posted as this is what I will be doing for the Aleph Art Room)!

Stay tuned for more on Purim!

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