All Bottled Up!

L'chaim! It's almost Purim!
L’chaim! It’s almost Purim!

A couple years ago I painted this bottle of Mashke as gift for my husband with a note wishing him a Freilichin Purim!

He brought it to the party to make L’chaim with and it really caught people attention!

It was fun to create and a short project. It may seam tedious as the pictures are made out of dots by using puff paints, but really , it didn’t take long!

You can use acrylic paint as well if you wish to make a background color and use a brush if you need to fill space quicker with easy strokes.

Here are the steps:

  • Buy a bottle of Mashke or even wine and take off the label. I found it easy to use a sponge and warm water. (keep on any parts of the label if you wish like I did)
  • Make sure the bottle is dried well.
  • Then using either regular painting techniques or by painting dots, create your Purim masterpiece!

I have made this for a baby girl Kiddush, making it all pretty and pink with swirls and paisley designs and her name! It’s something we will keep for her and was a sweet addition to celebrating the birth of a girl (plus I had time to make it!! don’t do this for a bris:)

This would also be a nice gift to someone in the community. It’s original, hand made and is a thoughtful creative gift.

Happy Painting!

Here is the front!
Here is the front!
Here I wrote “Achashverosh”.
Hamantashen and Esther!
“Mordechai” in blue at the top!

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  1. This is so cute! Thank you so much for posting so many beautiful ideas. I am always so happy to have an email from you in my box!

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