Purim Cards to Decorate

Print, cut and decorate! Simple, sweet and easy!
Print, cut and decorate! Simple, sweet and easy!

MVP cards front

I made these cards by printing them on white card stock. On the back I had facts and information about each character of Purim. I did this for our Purim in the Ball Park theme as I was copying the “baseball card collection” concept.

The kids loved these cards which were pre cut. Once they gathered all their cards from the different piles, they used beautiful colored pencil crayons and adhesive sequins and tiny little glitter and gemstones, small pieces of satin cut in strips (for capes etc.) to decorate their “Most Valuable Player Purim Cards”.

I had displayed each card already decorated as sample to inspire.

For some reason, I can’t find the other side to these cards but if I do, I will definitely post!!

But really these cards can be used for little ones as puppets (just stick popsicle stick to back) or for bigger kids to make gift tags or cards for their Mishloach Manos.

Kids could decorate these at Hebrew school, preschool etc. and then hole punch the top of each card twice ( each whole about an inch a part) and thread these on a beautiful ribbon across your venue for your Purim Party.

You could even have the kids write something on the back so they will feel proud of their work and so will their parents!

You could also make a memory game out of this too or even a simple version of ‘old maid’….using Haman as the bad card!

The ideas are endless!

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