One ‘Chai Latte’ to Share!

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Ok, so maybe it’s taken me a while but I have recently been curious about these Chai Latte’s that everyone (at least here in California) seem to be sipping!

However, I am Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free and Sugar Free (refined sugar).

(Thankfully, small amounts of Honey, or natural sweeteners are fine!)

So anyways, I am sharing this new comforting drink that I find so soothing!

The pouring rain is coming down and as I made myself a mug of my new favorite, I thought I  should share some!

I use unsweetened almond breeze (feel free to replace with any other milk or milk substitute) and Chai concentrate (Orgegon brand from Whole Foods but there are many other brands out there too…I was just watching for the type of sweetener used.)

I pour about 1/2 an inch (adjust amount of concentrate depending on your taste) of the concentrate in my mug and add almond breeze. Pour into a saucepan and turn on high until bubbles start to form around edge of pan. (If you like it steaming hot, then keep it on stove until it starts to boil.)

A virtual cup of tea with fellow shluchos! Pour into your mug, pick up the N’shei Newsletter  and enjoy!!

(p.s. you can also use chai tea bags in hot water (1 tea bag and about 1 inch of hot water). Let steep and then add hot milk or milk substitute!)

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