Day: December 19, 2012

Green Tea from Harney and sons. Glass bottle of Pellegrino, hamantashen and a Health trail mix bar (Trio). Simple paper bag with window keeps the feel organic and eco friendly!

Purim with a Taste of Italy

Purim with a taste of Italy was also so much fun! It was delicious food, including foccacia, meat sauce, vegetarian sauce, pesto pasta, ceasar salad …

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Although very cute indeed (and delicious too!), this was very time consuming and didn't produce bulk quantities quick enough. So personally I would omit this item unless you own one of those bread pretzel concession heaters...(which is on a wish list of mine!) Good Luck!

Menu for Purim in the Ball Park

There were a few requests for the food items served so here are some ideas from our menu: For the Ball Park theme (and to …

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Paint an (OLD) Kapote for Purim!

My husband traveled to Australia for a Simcha a few years ago and I was toying with the idea of creating a real fun original …

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