Flavored Water


A cute way to add a little Chanukah touch!

I love water dispensers probably because I love putting things in the bottom and tying ribbon and a tag to it, more than drinking the water itself!!

So, here I added apple slices (I usually use lemon slices and lime slices or cucumber slices…but there are so many flavored waters one can make!) and Gelt coins to the bottom!

I do not serve any soda or juice in my home as I can’t stand sticky floors!

Really…I know it’s a bit OCD considering we have shul/events in the home but really, it’s so much healthier (body and mind!) and so much more relaxing when someone spills to say “oh dont worry…it’s just water!”….anyways…we all have our comfort zones…and mine is water only:)

This was a fun way to serve water and the kids had fun dispensing it themselves…spills an all!!

Look for water dispensers with a separate base so you can have fun updating your “water look” at each event!

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