A Winter Treat

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A cute favor to give out for a Chanukah party or gathering.

It’s a cozy little package for those who have already given out Chanukah gelt!!

A pareve or milchig (depending on your needs) hot cocoa packet (I used Liebers) and mini marshmellows.

(You can buy mini and regular size marshmallows from whole foods if you don’t have access to Kosher supermarkets (The brand is “Elyon” and they are from Israel. They are also Gluten free! )

The packages are the sealable bags (you can find various kinds of such bags from www.paper mart.com or www.glerup.com).

I re-packaged my marshmallows so that they wouldn’t slide all over and it would have a neater look.

I used twine and ribbon and wrapped it from under the package so both ends of ribbon/twine were on the front in the middle. Then I used a label which I stamped with my Aleph Art Room Stamp (www.expressionary.com), to seal and hold in place the ribbon ends.

Cute. Cozy. and something sweet to take home after a Chanukah dinner, craft and Menorah Lighting!

I will wait until the crowds leave and kids are sleeping peacefully before sipping mine!!

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  1. Great idea! A Rav should be consulted perhaps regarding using marshmallows which often contain fish gelatin and milk… Love all your creative ideas. Thank you for sharing them. Freilichen Chanukah, Rivka

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