Chanukah Snow Globe!


I have always wanted to make these and finally tried various recipes to get to one that works well!

So here it is!

(Feel free to use any dreidels. I chose wood ones for a more natural artistic look but I also made them with plastic dreidels and they were so colorful and cute! Remember that the basic wood ones would get moldy as time goes on. You can coat your wood dreidels with clear nail polish if you want them to last.)

We are making an Aleph Art Room Chanukah party this week and what I may do is: glue gun the dreidels to the lids first, making varieties to choose from….this may be a good idea if you have a lot of kids, and a lot of ages.

Glue gun your first Dreidel to the inside of the lid of the jar, lying down flat.  MAKE SURE THAT YOUR DREIDEL IS NOT TOO CLOSE TO EDGE OF JAR OTHERWISE YOUR LID WILL NOT FIT ON JAR.   Then glue gun your 2nd dreidel to the first dreidel, on a tilt if you wish to give it a ‘motion’ look. (If you use only one dreidel it will still work however you have lost some height).

If you want snow around your Dreidel, just buy “batting”, kind of like stuffing from a craft store and glue gun some to the lid around the dreidel.

Let it dry. While you prepare the next steps it should be completely dry.

Fill the jar. Get bottled water, and pour into the jar to the very top.

Add the glycerin. Pour in about a dash of glycerin. A “dash”, means you should just poor the bottle of glycerin for 1 second. The glycerin will let your glitter fall down more slowly.

Pour in some glitter. Using glitter, sprinkle a small mountain of the flakes into the water. After you have a good amount of glitter, stir the contents with a small spoon to mix together all of the glycerin, water, and glitter.

Fill the jar to the very rim. Make sure that the jar is filled to the top. (add water if you need to) That is if you don’t want any air bubbles in your snow globe.

Seal the lid. Keeping the glass jar right side up, just place your lid onto the top of the jar, and seal it. The jar might leak some at first, but that is just because it is overflowing from being filled. Once you have dried the excess water up, turn your jar over, and you have made a snow globe!

TO SEAL: you can add glue from glue gun, working quickly to then place lid on top and turn to seal. OR : Use the glue gun once the lid is twisted on, to seal it to the glass, glueing a thin line of glue around the lid where it joins to the glass jar.

Decorate rim with Washi Tape, ribbon if you’d like.

Add stickers to jar as well, maybe Alphabet letters to spell out “Chanukah”.

Experiment with colored glitter too!

Shake and enjoy!!


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  1. thanks for sharing all your detailed instructions! I’ll be sure to check back often :) one question re. this project: are we assuming kids wont open their jar? or do we glue the lid closed somehow? thanks!

  2. this is a great project. Left mating out, as it gets gooey after awhile. Didn’t have two dreidels, so I used a thick piece of foam to bond the dreidel too. On top, we sealed with glitter and ribbon.

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