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Every Yom Tov, I work really hard to make it extra special for our own kids.

I feel that with the hectic busy life and programs and with all the endless lists of tasks that need to get done, it is imperative to not only thank our children personally and in public but to do something special just for them.

For example…one night of Succos, my husband and I made an ‘event’ just for them! It is thought out, set up nicely and on some occasions the little ones are put to sleep first.

This year we enjoyed hot cocoa while sketching and painting in the sukkah, with music and some nosh….it was so special and they realy appreciated it!

So every Chanukah we have an ‘event’ just for our kids. No rushing around, no household tasks just plain simple, family fun!

I prepare Chanukah packages of $5 worth of dimes per child (including my husband and I) and some nosh bags, maybe a small little treat. I make latkes just for us, doughnuts just for us, hot cocoa just for us! We may even indulge in whipped cream on top or even marshmallows! We play niggunim and spend a beautiful evening of a real game of dreidel, We learn about being a ‘team player’, about math skills! (adding all those coins!!) and about stopping to enjoy the moments of being Shluchim of the Rebbe.

Here is a sweet way to package your coins! All you need is a tag, some ribbon and a roll of coins! (I use dimes because my older children appreciate the value of money more than the little ones…so to them it is exciting to have potential to win big!…put pennies work too!)

Another exciting ‘favor’ are real scratch and win cards! (My husband gets one too!!…we work on all avenues to reach that big Chabad house dream!!) The kids enjoy scratching their cards with the potential to win and yet learning all about not being a winner but enjoying the game!

After our Dreidel game we all decide, to which shluchim we would like to send our maaser to….this is always so heartwarming…especially when they want to give more than required!

Anyways, have a wonderful, bright, freilichin Chanukah and successful events!

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  1. chana, I am so inspired! any other ideas to make a shabbos, a Sunday morning or motzei shabbos specail for the kids- I am into activities that take very little time!! I love your Purim ideas. thank you for sharing.

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