Chanukah Tags


These were really a hit so I am posting in detail.You can string them on ribbon or attach to other Chanukah items (favor bags, boxes with sufganiyot for mivtzoim etc.)

How to make Tags:

Sufganiyot Tag: Using tacky glue, glue two layers of felt and a tiny red button for the ‘jelly’. These were so cute and sweet without the stickiness!

Chanukah Gift Tag: A mini paper bag can be made from regular paper bags. Just cut out two squares and place a large glue dot in between. Add some scrunched up tissue paper and use twine or paper strips to make handles. (the ones in the picture were from a craft store but they can be easily tweaked for a home made version).

Latke Tag: Use a metal bottle cap as the frying pan and cut out latkes and pan handle from felt or even construction paper. Use glue dots or tacky glue to stick together.

Jug of Oil Tag: Purchase mini bead containers. (I found mine in a beading store for .5c) and fill with gold glitter and a bit of water! Place the lid on top and glue to tag. Then Add a cut out jug of oil with a slit down the middle so you can see the oil moving in the jug!! (the glue lines are best used for this tag)The kids loved this one!!


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    1. Thanks! I bought them from a boutique craft store but ‘’ may sell them. I can search online to see where else they are sold. The other idea would be to use small circle mirrors, probably sold at Michaels, or to buy a dozen apple ciders or any drink with similar lid:)….(depends how many you need:). Another idea would be to have kids make a frying pan from Fimo clay and bake…then you could make handle too). Hatzlocha!

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