Crunchy Dreidels!

Just cut out, baste and bake!
Just cut out, baste and bake!


This is simple and attractive! Try this for a meal for Shabbos Chanukah or any Chanukah event!

It is great over Salads or to use as a cracker to hold piped cream cheese and a swirl of lox!

Just take wonton wraps and pile up 3 or 4 at a time and use a dreidel cookie cutter and cut away!

Place on baking sheet and baste with a little olive oil if you wish and some sesame seeds. (you can add a bit of soy sauce for a more asian taste) . Bake at 400 degrees for 5 minutes and that’s it!

Try different flavorings…maybe some sprinkles for the kids:)

Crispy, crunchy and definitely a conversation piece!

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  1. so cute….can’t wait to try. Another idea along the same lines would be to cut out dreidel shapes with a cookie cutter from cooked lasagne noodles and serve them floating in the soup. We do that with menorah and dreidel shapes and the kids even do it themselves.

    1. I think that it would be really flaky and too delicate to work with. You may be able to cut out the dreidels by cutting into many layers to give it more strength to hold together. I’m not sure how it would handle any basting though…but it’s worth a try:)
      I think that the best ‘material’ to use would be puff pastry, pie dough, cookie dough, lasagne noodles, even lengthwise thin slices of large carrots and any kind of melon type fruit like watermelon, cantaloupe. Hatzlocha! And let me know if you do try phyllo!

  2. Chana, thank you so much for this huge resource! Everything looks gorgeous!!
    Do you think these wonton crackers can be made in advance and still be nice and crispy?


    1. Thanks! Glad it can help others!
      I have made the wonton bowls 3 days in advance but they were bakes plain with no oil.
      I think that maybe they could be made 1 day in advance sealed in an airtight container, maybe with parchment paper in between layers.
      The other thing you could do is, cut them out in advance and place on baking sheet in fridge (cover is plastic wrap) and then it will be faster to make. Hatzlocha!

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