Menorah with Two Sides!


Bright! Vibrant and Fun! These ones are sure to last!
Bright! Vibrant and Fun! These ones are sure to last!

Finally packing up all of my Aleph Art Room workshop crafts to be given to the kids this week!

Here is a quick look at the final product (without the magnets…see Magnetic Menorah).

One side is painted with acrylic paint (any kind from Michaels or other craft store), and the other side with chalkboard paint.

The best way to do this is to cover the flat side with blue painters tape and then let the kids paint away! Once dry, peel off painters tape (re-label their names on tape under Menorah) and paint with chalkboard paint.

(Save the clear boxes that they came in so you can nicely re-pplace the Menorahs inside to give to the kids.)

I think that this project would be great for the mivtzoim type metal Menorahs, although I would not use the magnets as it does pose a safety hazard (paper, somewhat close to candle flame). Offer vibrant paint colors for this kind or go with the chalkboard paint and a pack of colored chalk!

Have fun!

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