It’s all in the Bag!


Inside are Chanukah Chocolate gelt coins, a dreidel and the Chalk board painted dreidel with chalk. There is also a card with the printed rules to play a great game of Dreidel!


These are fun little gelt bags!! And so easy to create and inexpensive too!

I bought my bags from Save On Crafts, they come in various sizes. (Look up Burlap, Jute or Muslin bags.)

Then using my “Aleph Art Room” Expressionary stamp ( I stamped the back of the bag to complete the look in a prominent but understated way, still keeping the look neat.

On the front I stamped a Dreidel stamp (regular stamp and ink) and then gave puff paints to the kids to have fun with!

To use the gemstones, just squeeze a nice amount of paint, like a large dot and gently place gemstone on top, applying light pressure. The paint will glue the gemstone to the fabric.

These will need TIME to dry especially if the kids get a little ‘paint happy’!!

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