Scratch Cards Part 2

Turn these scratch and win cards into any fun scratch card! For prizes, points, games and more!

smart card chanukah pdf

I received a few requests on how to incorporate the scratch card idea for a Chanukah program.

Here are just a few thoughts to share, I hope they help!

A great way to use these cards would be to print a limited amount and lets say out of 150 cards there would be 10 fun prizes that they could win. (adjust amounts to suit your needs).
So, by either purchasing or better yet, getting donations, you could take photos or find images of those items and create scratch cards using the template I used.
For example, prizes could be anything from gift cards to bikes to coupons for a tuition – free month of Hebrew School!

Then, you could either just give them out for coming to your program or for participating in a ‘design your own Menorah contest’ (to have on show to help with PR)or for filling out a Chanukah Mitzvah Check list, or even for bringing a friend to the Chanukah party!

The scratch cards that would not have a winning prize could have an image of Chanukah with a ‘fun Chanukah fact’ written on it, a cute message like “hope you win your next Dreidel Game!”

You really could use this in so many ways, even for our own kinderlach!

How fun would that be to give them a scratch card that has a special note on it, or a coupon for some extra special time out with Mommy or Tatty!

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    1. I made the cards using a business card template. I will start attaching all attachments in next couple days. I can email you mine if you wish to change wording etc. Chana

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