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I dont think I could ever have enough to say about little boxes, containers, paper packets, bags, cartons…you name it! Anything that can hold something I ADORE!!

I remember as a child my room was full of little boxes of beads, markers, crayons, glitter, sequins, feathers…and now I look around at my home and smile.

Smile at the way my kids tuck things into delightfully tiny spaces, wrapped in tissue paper, mounded with strips of tape and dotted with sparkles!

So there I was trying to figure out a new look for our basic dreidel and gelt favors to give out at our Menorah Lighting.

I came across those cute little containers…yup!…you know them….they are the ones in the candy and prize vending machines that almost always entice your children to politely:) ask your for a quarter to slip into the slot, to twist and turn!

To twist and turn until that exciting moment when a colorful, breathtaking bouncy ball, lands into your cupped hands!

So…I’m living in my past a bit cuz I do remember the excitement of that little prize and I do remember the container it was in!

So here it is! Simple, fresh and oh so cute! Chocolate and Dreidels with a whole new twist!

You can purchase the containers from (plastic vending capsules) or for major bulk quantities.

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  1. Your ideas are amazing and so helpful! Thanks for sharing!! And may all those you inspire and all the communities you help with these creative crafts, be a zechus for you and your father!

  2. hi Chana,
    so super cute! technical question: do you know the size of the capsules you used – are they 2″?

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