Smart Card Scratch!

Scratch and Win Cards!!
All ready to scratch and so much fun!

Every week at our Aleph Art Room we ask the kids questions about the material that we learned that day. When each child answers a question correctly they get a scratch and win card!! This has been a HUGE hit and is so much fun!!

I printed business cards on card stock that have pictures on one side and points ( I print different pictures according to the Yomim Tovim we are learning about) and my info on the other side.

Then I cut out pieces of clear contact paper and cover the pictures and the points by sticking it on top.

After that I make a mixture of  some metallic acrylic paint (I use silver) with liquid dish soap. Try to use 1 part washing liquid and 2 parts of paint.

Then brush this mixture on top of contact paper and let dry. If you still see the images through, add another coat.

Once you set yourself up for this, it goes pretty fast and definitely include your kids in peeling the contact paper for you!!

You can have the kids scratch their cards at your program and write down their points. At the end of our 4 week workshops we have a prize box where depending on how many points they accumulated, they can ‘buy’ prizes.

It is so much fun and adds a new twist on point systems!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this incredible idea! Can you share a way to incorporate these into a chanukah program? Perhaps by using these in a way similar to raffle tickets, that can then be redeemed? …and redeemed for?
    Your blog is beautiful!

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