It’s the Little Things that Count!

Brown Craft Tissue and Twine has a great look with this Label. You can purchase long craft envelopes to match and stamp with your return address. I love getting my stamps from (You can always find good discounts from for these stamps and others items).

Before Chanukah we send out a small little package to certain Baal Habatim who we are connecting to, and for those people in the community we know it would really touch.

Here is a simple, inexpensive gift that is cheap to mail lightweight!

We love Harney and Sons Teas! They are superb, delightfully tasty and a couple steps above Lipton:)

Here I have packaged 3 individually wrapped tea bags with a label (from and will include a few coins of Chanukah gelt as well.

A personal card or tag or note can be included saying something like:

“Chabad of Mill Valley and SpiritualiTEA….The Perfect Blend!”….and then a nice note handwritten to finish off the thought.

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