Lets Play Tag!

Long Lasting Chanukah decorations are testimony to the most meaningful and long lasting Jewish experiences that happen at Chabad!

So I have found small wooden craft tags and painted one side with chalkboard paint to match our other Chanukah projects, so each child can personalize their Chanukah decor.

Upon teaching the story of Chanukah, enjoy decorating these tags to hang or even attach to a gift as a gift tag.

It will surely impress all who walk into their home and can be taken out year after year for a beautiful stylish Chanukah!

You’re It!!


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  1. Chana,
    Your site is wonderful and creative but what is most beautiful is your words to your father.
    I too lost my father a year and a half ago and your words really hit home to me.
    I am sure your father gets tremendous Nachlas from you and all you do.
    Miriam Friedman

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