A Dream Becomes a Reality

So it’s 11:00pm and I see that not only are dreams created in ones’ sleep, but dreams become reality with nothing more than a hearts desire.

Tomorrow night will be my father’s third Yartzeit.

A reality that hurts, a heartache that lingers.

Ta, I miss you.

I see you in my dreams and in my own reality too.

I look at the creative genes I inherited.

And for every swirl on a cupcake and every brainstorm late at night, I know you are proud.

Ta, this is for you. Somewhere in Shamayim I know you are smiling.

I love you so much…

From a hearts desire, I decided to create my ‘art room’ in your memory.

May everything creative in my Shlichus be a source of nachas to your soul.

Love always,


5 Responses

  1. Dear Chana,
    What a beautiful idea! I enjoy seeing your creativity and reading your writing as well. May your fathers Neshama have an Aliyah and you should have lots of Nachas from your beautiful family.
    Thanks so much for sharing!!
    Chanie Tenenbaum

  2. You moved my heart! May his memory will be a blessing and an inspiration to all the beautiful things you create around us. Much love – Michal

  3. How Beautiful! Literally and figuratively. Your passion is inspiring and contagious! May it all be liluy nishmas your father a’h, and may you all and everyone be reunited immediately with bias Moshiach Tzidkaynu NOW!, Devorah Loschak

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